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I want to make a difference. Somehow, Someway, I want to change something for the better. The way I would like to do that? Through the power of media. The influence media has on the world today, the whole world, is amazing.  Media not only connects us to our friends and neighbors, our communities and groups, but worlds together.  The Olympics can be seem and read about from all around the world. Poverty in third world countries, as well as first, can be seen from our couches, and supported from our laptops. I want to be a part of that. I want to create something a ridiculously large amount of people will see.

My heart is still in Salzburg, Austria, and I have found some wonderful companies there. Let’s see if they see what I have to offer. Wish me luck!

Berry Picking

My Grandfather has always had the best garden.  Strawberries, raspberries, roses everywhere, grapes, blueberries, fountains, and a little magic.

I was just out picking some berries with him.  He has the best raspberries.  I mean, I have eaten a lot of berries in my life, and his are not the biggest, but the are juicy and tasty, much more so than the raspberries at the store.  I assumed they were carefully picked out because of how good they are and how experienced my grandfather is.  But no.  Luck is how he got them.  50 years ago, just after my mother was born and they moved into their house, a store down the road was being demolished.  Grandpa happened to walk by and asked what they were doing with the bushes they had.  They were going to be thrown out, so he took them home and planted them, not knowing what kind of raspberry they were. 50 years later, he is picking them with his great grandchildren.

The Best You’ll Try!

The Oregon Coast

As strange as it is, I love it.  I half-way grew up in Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the water feels ice cold, smores always have sand in them, but the fish are tasty!

Someday we will live on a nice sunny beach, somewhere like Spain, and although I am excited, it will be so very new for me. Warm water. Snorkeling. Sun more days than rain.  These will all be new to me. Secretly, I think I will always prefer my ocean on the colder side.

3 Women to admire a tad

Rachel McAdams

She is a stunning actress, who stills lives with her brother in the house she bought just after Mean Girls reminding us she is down-to-Earth for a Hollywood star. She is an environmentalist, involved in many charities, and most importantly, she date Ryan Gosling! Did I mention how absolutely beautiful she is?

Julia Childs

I love Julia because of our mutual love for cooking and fine foods, but she was so much more.  During WWII she was a top secret researcher working directly for the head of OSS.  Impressive! She was the Grandmother everyone wanted. She fulfilled  every little foodie’s dream of spending your days cooking in France. She’s a model for a life of lust, from cooking to spys.


Jane Goodall

I have always had a little place in my heart for this wonderfully loving woman. Spending 45 years in  studying Chimpanzee’s in Tanzania and years of work with progressing environmental and humanitarian work. She is a strong woman with determination to get things done for the issues she believes in.

Recently found a journal entry from last fall. What a great day to be a Communication Major.


September 12, 2011

It is days like today that my appreciation for UP grows and grows.  Besides the friendships, connections and memories, we have professors who surprise us with the unforgettable extras.  I had lunch with Ari Shapiro.  A small intimate lunch with stories, chitchat, and questions, it was a dream come true.  The e-mails and phone calls from friends conveying their jealousy was just the cherry on the cake.  I was actually a bit jealous of a friend who wrote the Beacon article on Shapiro, but it was wonderful to just listen and converse with a man of many stories. It is opening how the right internship, summer job, or anything that life gives you, can land you somewhere amazing, like Air Force One.

Then later tonight I met Lindsay Schnell, who was so entertaining and even inspiring.  I’m jealous of people who have such drive to get what they want no matter what.  I really hope I will be like her when the time comes, but for now I’m enjoying school and being overwhelmed with the next step.  I have such a general idea of what I ‘want to be when I grow up,’ but really the winds could take me anywhere. And I know that, and I’m excited for that step, but part of me is relying on that wind a little much.  But back to Lindsay.  She is an inspiring young woman, with energy, attitude,  and drive that we all could learn from.  I envy those who know what they want to do from a young age. Being able to gear more of your life towards where you want to be, rather than do the scramble dance later in life.